Green Bridge

About Us

Green Bridge Investment Company is a specialist global investor in property, listed equity, private equity and other alternative forms of investment.

All investments are funded through a combination of partners' equity and debt finance. We take an active role in managing our investments to maximise returns, minimise risk, and ensure a steady growth in the book value of our company.

We have specialist knowledge and relationships in the property sector, where we have executed on a number of residential property Below Market-Value (BMV) buy-to-let or renovate-to-sell deals in the past. We also have a focus on green and socially-responsible alternative investments, and have made specialist investments in the venture capital and pre-IPO market across the industrials, financials and resources sectors.


We are always open to discussing new investment ventures, whether they be in the property or other sectors, and we are happy to consider opportunities at any point in the capital structure.

Whilst our focus remains on opportunities in the UK, we operate with a global mindset and have made active investments outside of our home jurisdiction in the past.

We generally cap investment prospects at £1m of equity per opportunity (pre-leverage) so as to ensure the diversification of our investment portfolio remains robust.

Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a committed investor to partner with in your project, or if you have an investment opportunity which you feel fits well within our guiding principles and investment requirements.


Simon Betteridge
Property Specialist

Tom Van Vlaanderen
Property Specialist

Paul Schenk
Alternative Assets

Shaun Laubscher
Alternative Assets